The most critical component of the attorney-client relationship is communication. You will know the status of your case and be able to speak with your lawyer directly. We will always give you a straight answer to your questions.

Personalized Service

Each client and each case are different. We develop a personalized case portfolio for each client and work directly with our clients to create a case-specific strategy.

Knowledge & Experience

Our partners’ combined years of legal and business experience is the basis of our practice. We understand law, procedure and how to represent plaintiffs throughout the United States. Beginning with your first call, you will learn whether you have a case and how the legal process works.


We appreciate the human aspect of legal cases and understand that our clients turn to us with significant and often severe injuries and damages to their lives. We never take this for granted.


We respect our clients, our colleagues, our adversaries, the court, the legal process and the law.


We take pride in defending the public and working to compel large companies to make better products and better test those products before they go to market.